Philly wit Whiz

I spent the last weekend in Philly with my boyfriend mainly because we were craving cheese steaks and wanted to get away for the weekend. My favorite cheese steak style is with whiz and onions. I am honestly not a huge cheese fan (I know, weird) but I love fake cheese. That is why I get excited to go to Philly because they do it right there.


Since we had been to Philly before we decided to do a different walking tour this time around based on an article we read. So we embarked on the North Philly Hipster Hike to see a new part of town. That is where we found Joe's Steaks, complete not only with cheese steaks but a pickle bar as well! This tour took us through Fishtown which is an "up and coming area" with a lot of construction of new apartments but also cute shops and fun restaurants. As we walked around we passed many bars with outdoor games. My favorite was called Garage which had games and tables and was BYOC (Bring your own cheese steak). 

At night we went to check out the Phillies baseball stadium. I love a good night at the ballpark with some drinks and food. I have a weakness for sitting and eating sunflower seeds while watching the game. At this stadium they even had huge Turkey wings which excited me since I am a huge carnivore. Another nice surprise, wine in a ready made made plastic cup that did not even taste too bad! It was a beautiful night at the yard and a great way to get a feel for the people of Philadelphia. 


temporary (8).jpg


On Sunday we woke up to windows full of sunshine and ambitions for more exploration. We headed over the Manayunk to explore the cute downtown area. After an amazing brunch at Winnie's we decided to walk the Schuylkill River Trail. From Manayunk it is a 6.2 mile walk to Downtown Philly and the famous Art Museum. It was a great walk and pretty inspiring to see hoards of bikers, joggers, and even rollerbladers out and about on a Sunday morning.  I highly recommend this trail  to anyone visiting Philly and looking to be active. As well, once you hit the Art Museum you can join the other fitness fanatics and run up the stairs!