Finding JOY

I was reading this book lately (The Archetype Diet by Dana James) which explored thoughts and actions around food and how a lot of this is formed due to emotional stress or life events from your childhood. It has made me think a lot about why I do the things I do and eat the things I do and how events in my childhood molded me into the person I am today.

On of the things she said stuck out to me. Women live lives devoid of JOY a lot of times. We are constantly doing things for others or working hard to get ahead but never taking time to enjoy the things we are doing. Personally, I use food as an outlet for stress relief and thing it will bring me this happiness and joy. So I started making a list of things that ACTUALLY bring me joy and what was crazy is I can’t remember the last time I actually thought about what I WANTED or LIKED. I was actually stumped for a minute about what would bring me joy.

I CHALLENGE YOU… to make your own list of what brings you JOY and happiness in life.

Goal #1: Do something that brings me Joy at least once a day. I seriously enjoy a warm cup of coffee. But instead of savoring it every morning and being thankful for my coffee with almond milk I would gulp it down as a means to wake myself up. I have been trying to take ME time every morning and start the day off enjoying my coffee.

Most times at night I watch Netflix thinking that shutting down my mind and just watching TV will bring me joy. The truth it is usually a temporary escape from the real world but brings me no true joy. I love reading, taking photos, learning new things, playing games, going for walks.

Goal #2: Instead of just watching TV, do something that I enjoy. It might be learning a new skill or knitting a blanket. I honestly DONT know yet and that is OKAY. I am rediscovering my joy and living a life full of it.

What do you guys do to find Joy in your everyday life??