New Year, New Me?

While I want to hate New Year’s Resolutions and say “they don’t work” there is something refreshing about having a clean slate and a new year to set intentions. I have been thinking a lot over the last few weeks what I want to get from this year and I know it will be a busy one at that! I have a few big things coming up this year…

First. I am getting MARRIED in October of 2019 which means full steam ahead on the wedding planning. I have so many little details to plan and still need to find a dress!

Second. I am planning my 10 year high school reunion. I can’t believe 10 years have passed!

Third, I am becoming an Aunt in March! Super excited about this :)


I have spent the last year working on this blog and posting about my outfits and thoughts. I always have used this as a “creative outlet” but I want to make sure I am ADDING VALUE. My goal for the next year is to add value through my posts and sharing things I have learned in my day to day life that will help people.

This includes my journey with “wellness.” Most people do not know that I work out every morning and constantly struggle to find a balance between eating healthy, living life, and not driving myself crazy thinking about food. I want to share more of this part of my life with you.


Find better outlets for stress and START MEDITATING!!

What are you guys resolving to do in 2019???

Also if you have any posts you want to see in 2019 just let me know!