I tried every low calorie ice cream and this post (and lots of happiness) is all I got from it

I first tried Halo Top Ice cream when it first came out, about 5 years ago. I tried the lemon flavor and was pretty impressed but never pursued it any further. Honestly, I am more of a chocolate ice cream person and was underwhelmed by the flavor choices. However, in the Spring of 2017 I discovered there was new flavors and I immediately needed to try them all, starting with Halo Top Birthday Cake. 

Although Halo Top was the original low calorie, light ice cream there are now other brands popping up with their own version. I have tried Enlightened, Breyers Delights, Slim Twin, and even the Moo-phoria Ben and Jerry's version. Here is my review of every one I am tried:

Halo Top

Vanilla Bean: Solid flavor if you are a vanilla fan. I find this flavor needs more time to soften. I loved putting this on top of protein pancakes that I made

Chocolate: I love chocolate. I love buying this flavor and then doing one scoop of chocolate mixed with other flavors. This also needs more time to soften

Lemon Cake: This is a nice mix in if you want a fruity flavor. I find this has a weird taste so it is not the best lemon taste I have had. 

Strawberry: I LOVE strawberry but this is also one of my favorite ice cream flavors. Takes more time to soften for sure but its a great option. 

Mint Chip: Eh. It's nice if you are craving the mint flavor but overall not one of my favorites.

Chocolate Mocha Chip: This flavor is not memorable. It really just tastes like chocolate with some chips thrown in.

Birthday Cake: Amazing if you love those birthday cake flavors! It is pretty sweet so it's hard to consume the whole pint in one sitting

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Eh. This is good but does not truly satisfy my cookie dough ice cream cravings

Peanut Butter Cup: Favorite flavor! This one is amazing and has great chunks of peanut butter in it.

Cookies and Cream: Not a great option. The taste is dull and this does not satisfy my cookies and cream cravings. I have to say the Enlightened Cookies and Cream is the best I have had

Sea Salt Caramel: I like this one! I love a good caramel flavor

S'mores: This has to be my least favorite halo top. The taste is weird on this

Pistachio: Undisputed underdog! I actually LOVE this flavor and thing it has a great taste and texture

Oatmeal Cookie: Great option! A little "icy" sometimes but i love all the flavors.

Chocolate Almond Crunch: Not memorable... it tastes like chocolate with a hint of odd almond flavoring

Black Cherry: Love this flavor! When I am craving a little fruit flavor this is a great option. I lvoe this mix this with the chocolate flavor.

Red Velvet: Underwhelming. Especially as I am a HUGE red velvet fan this one is a disappointment. It doesn't taste bad but its not anything special. 

Cinnamon Roll: Awesome flavor! Great texture and super cinnamon-y

Pancake and Waffles: This is great! Tastes like maple syrup and has a great texture to it.

Chocolate Covered Banana: Probably my second favorite flavor. I love this!

Mochi Green Tea: I love this flavor but you have to be accustomed the green tea flavor that is popular in a lot of Japanese products. I love the texture with the mochi in it. 

Rainbow Swirl: Brings me back to my childhood with rainbow ice cream. Basically like sorbet and is very sweet but delicious. 

Candy Bar: Tastes like snickers. I loveee this flavor because of that. It has a great texture as well.

Caramel Macchiato: Great flavor. The "coffee" taste is strong in this so if you do not like the coffee flavor then be advised

Special Flavors:

Gingerbread- amazing.

Pumpkin Pie- amazing.

Peanut Butter and Jelly- amazing. 

Cannot say enough good things about all of the seasonal and Gold Edition flavors I have tried. They have all been so satisfying. 


** I found with the Enlightened product you have to let them sit out and soften for like 15 minutes before consuming. Sometimes I microwave for 15 seconds when I am being inpatient

Red Velvet: Amazing! The best red velvet flavor I have had. You have to let them soften for awhile but the swirls of "icing" are amazing 

Sea Salt Caramel: Great- There is a ton of actual caramel in here which I love!

Birthday Cake - honestly not much different from Halo Top Birthday Cake but still yummy!

Cookies and Cream - this is the BOMB. This might be one of . my favorite low cal ice creams. Actually tastes like cookies and cream ice cream.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip- Solid flavor. I love the chips and the peanut butter taste is good.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- Good but not as notable as some of the other flavors.

Brownies and Cookie Dough - I was SO excited when I saw this flavor but honestly not one of my favorites. I do love the chunks though

Mint Chocolate Chip - Yum! I love that this is very green… brings me back to my childhood.

Chocolate Peanut Butter- like CHUNKS of peanut butter. Absolutely delicious.

Breyer’s Delights

Rasberry Fudge - I love this! The other brands do not have a flavor like this.

Cookies and Cream - Unremarkable. Not a bad option but I still prefer the Enlightened version!

Ben and Jerry’s Moo-phoria

Note: These are higher calorie than any of the other brands for sure. They are good but nothing WOW’d be so much that it’s worth the sacrifice of the extra sugar and calories.

Chocolate Milk and Cookies - Very good. I love the cookie chunks.

Carmel Cookie Fix - My least favorite flavor. The carmel is good but the rest is just alright.

P.B Dough - VERY rich! Lots of chocolate and cookie dough chunks

Anyways…. as you can see I have been doing a lot of low cal ice cream eating and have now decided I need a break. I hope you can learn from my experience and pick the best flavors.