Spray Tan over Real Tan

I am a "freckly" person. As long as I can remember I have been developing the freckle collection on my skin. However, as I have gotten older I now realize this sun exposure not only causes my skin to age but puts me at risk for melanoma and skin cancer. I want to be tan while I am at the beach without making my skin any worse. Enter my spray tan obsession...

I go to Palm Beach Tan and have never had any other spray tan besides one in a machine. They have locations all over the US and with a membership you can go to any location. I am an unlimited monthly membership so I can spray as much as I want but they do have once a month memberships starting as low as $14.95. 

Here are my recommendations so you end up with the best spray tan experience. 

1: If you are unsure then ASK the employee

I have gotten so many great recommendations from the employee when it comes to what shade of spray tan and what Add-ins to use. However, when it comes to lotions you should buy or extra add-ons you do have to be careful because they appear to get credit for "up-selling" you. Therefore, I ONLY ask advice on what shade will go well with my skin

2: If there is a "Clear" option then take it

This means that the spray tan goes on clear and shows up over a 6 hour period. I always like to choose this because it doesn't ruin my clothes. There are other options that are bronze and will show up right away but may stain your clothes

3: I always try to shower the next morning

The longer you keep they spray on before showing the more effective it will be. Since it develops over time you want to get the spray tan and try to not shower or sweat until the next morning. No matter what you should not shower for 4-6 hours after the spray or it will be ineffective.

4: It is worth buying a Primer Lotion

This is a lotion you put on before you spray. I always end up getting these for free with all my rewards, however its worth the buy. This helps the spray lay flat on your skin and prevents any weird lines. I always find my skin looks better when I use this before

5: After you are done, wash your hands

I always finish the spray and go straight to the bathroom to wash my hands. This prevents you from having weird colored palms. As well, I wipe the bottoms of my feet off with wipes if the location provides them.

Overall, I find that people CANT even tell that my tan is fake. I get a lot of compliments and people asking if I have been outside a lot. This is such a great alternative to getting burned in the sun and putting your skin at risk.