Secrets You Need to Successfully Pack for the Beach

If I hear one more person tell me "I hate packing" I might just explode. You throw things in a suitcase, how hard could it be? While everyone else seems to always be worried about packing I seem to make it through calm, cool, and breezy.

During the summer I spend a lot of weekends at the Beach because my fiance's parents have a beach house (Yes, I picked a winner). Over the past couple of months I have found some tips that are useful to ensure that I have a relaxing but fashionable time.

#1: Embrace the relaxing beach vibes

Let your wardrobe match your mood. The beach is about being relaxed. So throw in a couple of relaxed dresses that are great options when you just want to throw something on. Here are a couple of my favorites:


As well, I always bring a pair of jean shorts and a couple of tops. I can mix and match and pull of different outfits without bringing too many bottoms!

The best part is that all of these pieces are easy to fold and do not take up much space in your travel bag. 


#2: Go for the Natural Hair

I don't know about you but between salt, sand, and humidity at the beach my hair can be wild. I have found that embracing the "beach waves" and going for a messy look can be beneficial. If it is just too too much i make sure to pack some head scarves or cute headbands. My favorite source is Free People for headbands with some serious beach vibes. 

#3: Remember the essentials, anything else can be bought

Chargers, Phone, Wallet, Keys. Those are the essentials. Everything else, if you forget it, you can buy it. Don't worry so much about bringing that travel sized soap or forgetting your eyeliner. Worse case scenario you run to the local drug store and buy a cheap one that can hold you over. It's better to be relaxed instead of worrying about all of the details

#4: Obviously have a bathing suit you are comfortable in

The point of the beach is to be in your bathing suit. I always throw a bunch in my suitcase so I have options. Considering they take up NO room it is totally acceptable. So in all seriousness I have been buying bathing suits off Amazon lately. You can get a full set for $20ish. Make sure you order a size UP on most of them because they run small. If you are willing to splurge then I am obsessed with LSpace recently (along with the rest of the IG world). Here are my favorites:


#5: Cute Tees

My favorite beach outfit is a cute tee. Its casual and comfy but still stylish. Right now I have been digging a basic crop tee as well. 

And my best overall secret...

HAVE FUN and RELAX. Maybe even turn off your phone or leave it inside. Make sure you take time to care more about the adventures and events than what you are wearing.