Red Velvet Culottes


The Monday after Easter is a sugar withdrawal headache. No doubt about that. But I would rather not miss out on the sweets of Easter Sunday. I indulged in chocolate eggs and the Cheesecake Factory copycat Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake I made yesterday. I LOVE baking cakes. Therefore, any holiday is an excuse for me to do so. I found this recipe through Pinterest, like everything in my life. And it DID NOT disappoint. I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys red velvet and cheesecake. 


As well, I have been shopping for culottes lately. Cool pants that also appear to be comfy. YES. I most recently picked up a new pair off of ASOS to add a little pop of red to my Spring wardrobe. These are so comfy and best paired with crop top or shorter top. I also paired these with a jacket for Spring since DC weather is so unpredictable. I found this jacket at a local Baltimore boutique called Punch!  but was able to find it in pink online. As well you can find it from Jealous Tomato if you create an account! My shoes are the ones you have seen everyone and their mother wearing by Marc Fisher LTD. I have to say these are the more comfortable wedges I have every owned and highly recommend getting a pair. They are well worth the money spent!


Happy Shopping!


image 4.jpg
image 5.jpg