Staying Warm with The Loft Sweaters

BRRRRRR. Yesterday was 12 degrees in Washington DC and today I am excited it is going to get all the way up to 34 degrees. At this point I am just trying to stay as warm as possible on my commute to work. Even my radiator, which usually is making me sweat, is not keeping me as warm as it normally does. 

Not even gonna lie, 50% of my Christmas gifts were sweaters. I have found that my favorite brand is The LOFT. They have a great selection of sweaters and they are all warm and comfy. Growing up I used to HATE sweaters. I thought they were "frumpy" mainly because I only knew cardigans and didnt understand there were other types of sweaters. Now my whole closet is sweaters. 

Shop my favorite sweaters I am using to stay warm in this chilly weather!