New Zennis, Who Dis

When you go to the eye doctor you get to pick out ONE pair of glasses that your insurance will cover. However, if I have to wear glasses I want them to be "trendy." With glasses styles always changing I figure why spend a lot on glasses when I can get them for cheap in all different types. This is where Zenni comes into play. If you know your prescription you can order glasses online and get them for a small prices within a week or two!



These are my latest pair. They are the traditional aviator glasses and are only $6.95! I then added on the anti-reflective coating for a few extra bucks. I highly recommend this or else the lights at night will distract you as they glare off your glasses.



As well, in the past I ordered these Round Keyhole Glasses. I love these for an every day wear and are great for a professional work environment where you want to have some fun with your glasses while still keeping it legit. 

Make sure you check out Zenni if you want to spice up your eyewear at a fraction of the cost!!