Fabletics Street Style

About a year ago I saw an advertisement that I could get a whole workout outfit for $20 and of course it drew me in. I am always looking for workout clothes that I can use on a daily basis to get my sweat on. As well it is now socially acceptable to wear workout leggings around town for your day to day activities. In an era of cool looking workout clothes that cost hundreds of bucks I wanted something that was inexpensive but good quality. Enter Fabletics.

I cannot stop raving to my friends about my Fabletics subscription. Every month I have the option to get a cool new outfit or skip a month and spend nothing. Not only do I wear my Fabletics outfits to work out but I have gotten lots of compliments just wearing some Fabletics leggings mixed with regular clothes for some athletic street style! Right now you can get two pairs of leggings for $24 or an outfit for $19!


Street Style Fabletics Looks: 


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