Sparkle and Shine with Wayfair

It's the most sparkly time of the year! There is no better feeling than the spirit and cheer of the week period that is Christmas and New Years. I personally love to buy Christmas Decorations but I do not want to break the bank for decorations I get to use for a month of the year.

Enter my favorite company right now... Wayfair. They have great, affordable pieces that brighten your home. In my small DC apartment I want to make sure I find the right pieces to decorate the home without overwhelming it. Wayfair has helped me do just that.

Whether you are hosting a New Year's party or are going to one, there are products for every occasion. A platter or wine glasses are the perfect gift to bring to someone hosting the get together.

Check out my picks below and order them so you are ready for the New Year. After all, #NewYearNewMe can turn into #NewYearNewDecor

3 piece star medal wall decor 3 Piece Star Metal Wall Décor Set Shiny gold tree pillow Schwartz Golden Tree Throw Pillow LED Cheers sign LED Light Up Cheers Sign Sunburst Metal Wall Mirror Sunburst Metal Wall Mirror
Gold Luster Stemless Wine Glass Gold Luster Stemless Wine Glass Metallic Celebrate Platter Metallic Celebrate Platter Glitter Sequins Christmas 3 Piece Tabletop Tree Set Glitter Sequins Christmas 3 Piece Tabletop Tree Set The Best is Yet to Come Sign ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ Textual Art on Plaque

One of my favorite pieces that can be used year round but is especially exciting for New Years is the 3 piece Star Metal Wall Decor. You can see how I hung them on my wall. 


All the gold is the perfect compliment to my Christmas reds I have placed around the apartment. As well, I have been drinking my favorite holiday drink all winter long. It's simple. I just put ice, gin, and a little bit of cranberry ginger ale in a glass. To make it pretty I add cranberries and a cinnamon stick. 


Happy holidays and happy new year

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